Busybusybusybusybusy. How did nine months once seem so long, and now seem so very, very fleeting? Currently occupying my time:

  • Organizing work week, always hoping to squeeze in just one more piece of work before I start winding things down
  • Remembering to write my weekly Today’s Parent blog post
  • Organizing the Grand Porch Party for 2013 (must learn to hand things over)
  • Winding down involvement in Open Streets UpTown Waterloo (must learn to actually step back)
  • Finalizing shirt order for Townee Tees
  • Arranging/attending meetings for all of the above this week, as well as first doula appointment
  • Getting outside the house at least once a day (Track record this week: Utter fail)
  • Creating and sharing baby-shower gift list
  • Feeling guilty about not fitting in exercise

And other stuff. Somehow, there’s always other stuff. By the end of the day, I feel exhausted and yet can’t quite place a finger on what I exactly did with my time. Something tells me to get used to this feeling…..



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