The pre-bubs wind-down is good in theory…

What are you meant to do in the last month before becoming a Mum? I’m curious, because I’m now there. We have less than four weeks until  our due date (which I’ve taken to calling D-Day) and I still seem as busy as ever. I’m still doing some work, largely because of the cost of the home renovations required to make room for the babies. Then there’s the medical appointments, and the fact that I stupidly decided to still run the Grand Porch Party this year.

What I really want to do is just sit around in the sunshine and do nothing. Maybe have a massage. Do a spot of gardening. That’s it.

Perhaps that’s what I’ll do next week (apart from the Porch Party stuff, natch). Wind everything down but babies and me. I have a haircut booked – that’s almost a massage. We still need to get a few things for the bubbas. And I have enough medical appointments that productive day-jobbing becomes inherently more difficult.

Anything else you mum out there would recommend I factor in for the final weeks?


PS: While AWOL from this blog, I’ve been scribbling about the endless frustration of “they’ll come early” conversations, how I’ve been dodging the ever-present question about twins running in the family, and some  news-related things that are much less entertaining. Just so you know I’m not fibbing.



2 thoughts on “The pre-bubs wind-down is good in theory…

  1. Maybe invite some of your pals over to do some cooking and baking to stash in the freezer and take over some household chores during the last few weeks, while you get your time relaxing in the sun and a few extra winks of sleep? Got a hammock?

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