A blog-lovin’ high-five: Thanks for the Bouquet of Three Nomination!

When people talk about online communities, most thoughts probably go straight to ranting news commenters, geeky WOW players, and esoteric hobbyists locked in deep discussion over impenetrable minutiae. (Or porn. But some people’s minds always go straight to porn.)

What we might forget, though, are the cascading rolls of amusement, empathy, advice and solidarity that come from discovering a blog that just speaks to you. And the best blogs, for me, are those that bring humour to life, and offer pointers from different perspectives all around the globe.

And that’s why I’m totally stoked – and actually rather surprised – to have the Pretzel Project named to someone’s list of fave blogs. Kayla Dickens, from over at ‘Chasing a daredevil + raising twins‘ nominated me for a Bouquet of Three Award!


Now, I’m not entirely sure where these awards originated, but they seem to be afly over the interwebs right now as bloggers give virtual high-fives to other bloggers that have, at some stage and in some way, made their day. So thanks, Kayla, for adding me to your list of good-reads! It’s funny and strange to realise that some people are actually reading this stuff….  🙂 (Oh, and I hope things are improving on the double-Moby-wrap efforts. Love the pic of the first effort.)

So how does this work? Now that The Pretzel Project has been nominated, I post the award images to my site (see above), then take my turn to shine a light on some other great bloggers out there who have made me chuckle, delighted me with their wordplay, and/or beautifully revealed a glimpse of life in their universe. Oh, and then I have to share seven things about myself. You have been warned.

I hereby nominate the following blogs for the mysterious Bouquet of Three (and apologies to this Versatile Blogger Award if the idea has just been wrangled out of your control):

1. The first is, sadly, somewhat posthumous. Adoptionistas was a beautiful blog following the lives of two mums and their adopted children, and until this past April it was a great source of family and photographic inspiration. We’ll miss you, ladies.

2. Laura in Halifax keeps things real at Mommy Miracles (and even tweeted the arrival of her second son). Confession: I found this when interviewing Laura for a Today’s Parent story. A top chick!

3. Travel With Twins gives me hope (and pointers) for our quickly-approaching future.

4. I actually found The Mummy Scripts when searching for classy diaper bags and stayed for the fashion, photos, and tales of endless Gangnam Style performances. (And yay for the British/Aussie spelling of Mum!)

5. Away from the parenting stuff, my friend’s blog about gluten-free cooking has been a gold mine: Gluten Free Food and Fodder

6. The Query Shark probably gets inundated with these kind of blog-nominations, but what the heck. I’m going to add one more. Love, love, LOVE this sharp blog from a publishing insider giving people the real down-low on their book pitches. Get ready to explore this site for hours.

7. It’s love, loss and life in New York City – with some great graphic treatment – over at The Reporter and the Girl. (P.S.: Not all reporters are like this one.)

8. For an easy chuckle, check out the Pregnant Husband‘s well-wrangled memes that give a good-humoured look at pregnancy from the other perspective. (Again, this blog’s closed now. Babies have a habit of actually arriving….)

9. Darin White over at MakeBright is doing some super cool photography, and sharing arts+community love in Kitchener-Waterloo. Love it.

10. My bestie back in Australia put me onto Fun & VJs a while back, and it’s a lovely blast of Brissie whenever I get homesick.

11. And I can’t leave out the photo blog run by my better half over at Aberration. It’s fallen a bit by the wayside of late due to work overload, but I’m hoping this might inspire a bit more of his pretty amazing work.

(I’m meant to do 15 of these shout-outs, but most of the other blogs I regularly visit are pretty big, so likely don’t really count for this kind of thing. And some of the blogs I’d LOVE to add are written by people I know who want to keep it on the down-low. So I’m going to keep my lips zipped, and let you find ’em on your own.)

Next up: Seven things to know about me:

1. I once had to run from a rather cranky mamma rhino – one of the most dangerous situations in Africa – while on an Earthwatch trip in Kenya, only to stumble into the path of a solitary buffalo – considered the most dangerous. All the while, I kept trying not to laugh at what would be a pretty embarrassing way to die….

2. I have a great (for me) habit of turning random acquaintances into life-long friends. Some of my best friends are people who just happened to sit beside me on a train, or offer me a cup of tea at a youth hostel, or sign up for the same mountain trek in Vietnam, or work with for a month, or….

3. My big toe is shorter than the one next to it. For years it stopped me from wearing open-toed shoes, and then I got too old for that self-conscious shit.

4. I have many freckles.

5. I love a good nip of scotch, and tend to drink it according to season (light and fruit scotch in summer, hearty and peaty ones in winter). Wonder if I’ll like it still once the Pretzels arrive?

6. When I was little, I wanted to marry either Kermit the Frog or my cat Fluffy. I like to think that A. has the best qualities of both (and, thankfully, none of the furballs).

7. Oh, and I was the one who proposed.

So there you have it. Some good reads, some random facts, and a big thanks to anyone who’s taken a moment to look at my wee blog. Here’s to lots of adventures ahead!


2 thoughts on “A blog-lovin’ high-five: Thanks for the Bouquet of Three Nomination!

  1. Lol….glad to know not all reporters are like Jon. Congratulations on your award, keep up the great work, and thank you for nominating the reporter and the girl!

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