Ummm…. Am I a party pooper?

I might not want to know the answer to that question, but let me start by telling you why I’m asking.

My gal pals in Toronto did a totally lovely thing on the weekend and held a baby shower for me and the pretzels. Beforehand, though, the host T. made sure to reach out and clarify some ground rules. Did I want a huge number of people? Answer: No. Did I want games? Again: No. Well, at least not any that involve blindfolds, baby food or pegs.


So lovely! So genteel!

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve been to some pretty fun baby showers which involved some moderately entertaining games, but most of the fun was also fueled by a whackload of champagne. And seeing as I’m now out of the champers department, the thought of going stone-cold sober into an afternoon of unbridled party games was a bit daunting. (I’m also still recovering from a particularly avid game of  “steal the person’s peg” that I played while in the midst of the crazy IVF cocktails. I cried.) We ended up playing the “guess the girth of the pregnant chick”, which was a good ice breaker, if made me laugh at the fact some of my friends think I’m the size of a tank.

Nope. Instead of games, I just wanted to spend a few hours with some of my ladeez before I disappear under a rock for the summer. Does that make me boring, or just a grown up? Probably both. Such a sad but genteel state of affairs.

I am thrilled to report that it was a lovely afternoon. No, I don’t have photos of the gifts, but they were all hugely practical, charming and thoughtful.

And yes, like most showers, the conversation mostly involved pregnancy and parenting stories from those who’ve been there, and slightly pained expressions on the faces of those who haven’t. To my friends in the latter category, I apologize. Just know that I’ve sat through my share of baby-overload in days gone by too. One day, if you end up sprogged up, you’ll see how strangely absorbing such conversations can be. Until then, stay strong, and thanks for joining the fun!


The pregnant ladies


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