List love: My pregnancy essentials

Because I love a good list, and at 32 weeks I’m now staring down the barrel of the imminent parenthood, here is a list of the items I have found indispensable in reaching this point.

1. Army-style belt. This beast has been the best thing from my wardrobe. With so many holes, it has grown with me all the way, and still has room to spare. Only downside is that it’s not overly dressy, but most maternity tops and jeans drop below the belt level, so you can usually hide it if necessary.IMG_92172. A decent pair of maternity jeans. I bought mine on special at Thyme Maternity for $20 (down from their usual $70), and they’ve pulled me through. Supplemented with a second-hand pair and leggings. Were good from month 4 onwards (although now that it’s warm, I’m not needing ’em much).

3. A good pair of slippers, and laces-free, waterproof, snowproof boots. The slippers, I already had. They are awesome, and have solid grip on the base so are kind of a slipper-shoe hybrid. (A sloo? A shipper?). Feel safe and strong while walking up and down stairs unable to see own feet. The boots are good old Aussie Blundstones, and they’re not old at all. Bought ’em in March, and expect to get years of use out of them, starting with all-terrain stroller walks.


4. Decent thongs (aka ‘flip flops). Once the weather forces you out of the above shoes, make sure you’re slipping into something with strong support and good tread. I wore my last pair of Keen thongs for five years until they finally, sadly died. Replaced ’em with these babies last summer, and haven’t looked back. Bonus: The funky top is made of recycled rice bags. Sweet!


5. Rosehip oil and moisturiser. I got stretch marks during teen growth spurts, so figured I’d definitely be getting them with a twin pregnancy. Hubby bought me these two items at Christmas, though, and I’ve used them every day – oil in the morning, Pre de Provence ‘Queens Honey Butter’ moisturiser at night. Result: No stretch marks! At all! Brilliant.IMG_9221

6. Phil, the ridiculously large body pillow. Wraps around you, gives constant bedtime support, and doesn’t snore.  Now, if only it could give backrubs too….IMG_9218

7. Almonds. They are my go-to, anytime snack. Mid-morning, pre-bed, whenever I’m peckish. Perfect for non-red-meat-eating glutards like myself.IMG_9230

8. Purse-sized water bottle. This is from my hydration belt, purchased waaay back when I was a marathon-training, downtown-dwelling bundle of determination. IMG_9231

9. The Pregnancy Bible. My good friend bought this for me as soon as she found out we were pregnant, and told us it was the only book she ever needed. It’s excellent – goes week-by-week through the pregnancy, baby development, and has lots of info about what to expect, without making you feel like something is wrong if you don’t go through that stage. Perfect for the pragmatic pregnant woman. (It is a bit demeaning to would-be dads, with a ‘how you can be involved too’, but all such pregnancy books tend to be.)IMG_9229

10. Decent maternity bras. I skipped the actual ‘maternity’ section and went straight to the nursing bras, figuring I don’t spend $70 on bras at the best of times, let alone ones designed to really last a matter of months. The nursing bras will take you through your final trimester and through the first nursing months (in theory – I’ll get back to you on that). I bought Bravado, which are comfy, but are hard to find in small-rib sizes. Only downside: They’re not very fun or pretty. If you can, get a bright colour to make up for that. *Photo blurred to protect the eyeballs of the innocent.IMG_9224


One thought on “List love: My pregnancy essentials

  1. You make me laugh – $70 for a bra is a bargain for me.
    Oh and I LOVE your slippers!!!!!
    And keep up the oiling routine, most stretch marks come right at the end – all of a sudden they just appear overnight. Fingers crossed your tummy is so well oiled thus far you might make it all the way through 🙂
    Love ya xxx

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