Part 2: Party pooper? No way!

What do you do when half of your friends are blokes, most of your friends are through with the “baby” stage, and all of your friends love a good party? What else but skip the usual hometown shower and throw one riotous and rockin’ celebratory do!

After weeks of planning, days of prepping, and two-hours of preemptive napping, The Nubbin Party kicked into gear on Saturday night. And was it ever a blast.

Contrary to my “no games at the baby shower” rule, I actually created a couple for the night. The “Guess The Sexes” game had people drop pennies into the jar they thought was right: Girls, Boys, One of each, or …

IMG_9062The winning tallies were “one of each” and “hmm…. anything”. Thanks for that, peeps. Thanks a lot.

In the dining room, we had the “Name the Nubbins” station, which soon became a roving party game. Suggestions included everything from “Joey and Roo-Paul” (love the Aussie nod!) to “Ricky and Julian” (non-Canadians can get the reference by checking out the Trailer Park Boys TV show). Some standouts:





Okay, so that last one is what we call them *now*.

The house was packed, food and drinks were plentiful, and I made it all the way through to 1:30 a.m. before having to crawl into bed, leaving the party stragglers to their blurry conversations about heading to Sonny’s for burgers, which is always better in theory than practice. Especially at 2 a.m.

The biggest upshot of having a massive party like this? After a winter spent in near-hibernation, and before a summer spent in near-permanent lactation, this was a chance to laugh and celebrate with some of the people who make us feel so very blessed. We be lucky, my yes.

(Just quietly: It is a little hard, though, to have parties like this surrounded by my husband’s lifelong friends, and be so far away from my own homeland buds. Ah, I miss you guys. xoxo)


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