The Gear: Part II

Okay, so it seems I was woefully misinformed! After posting my list of gear we plan to get for the Pretzels, I received a whackload of great advice from mums near and far. Namely: I am not ready for the poop!

I am thus updating my list so that it has MANY more muslin/swaddling cloths (while Canada advises against swaddling, these cloths sound eminently useful), old-school terry-cloth nappies for spew clean-up, many more crib sheets, and a stash of wipes (preferably cloth, but I’ll get eco-disposables for when out and about). Oh, and I’m skipping the baby towels and nappy-bin. My lovely bud K. assures me that both are unnecessary.

We’re getting buying next week. Shall post pics, while trying to ignore the dent in our bank account!

Goodies from Nanna drying on the rack.

Goodies from Nanna drying on the rack.


2 thoughts on “The Gear: Part II

  1. Oh yeah, you’ll need a huge pile of cloth nappies as you need to put them under babies at all times- in car seat, bouncer, on bed etc etc etc cause you never know when the poop explosion will hit, and believe me it goes up their back almost to their neck sometimes 😦

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