A package from home!

My beautiful mother has just emptied Australia Post of its entire stamp supply to send over a box of goodies for the Pretzels.


Stamps! $87.35 worth, to be exact

The timing couldn’t have been better, because today we are six months pregnant! I can hardly believe how quickly this is all zipping by. Next thing you know, the snow will be gone and I’ll be a mum myself. Yowzers!

Anyhoo, diving into a box of knitted goodies from Nanna has to be the most fab way to celebrate the 24-week milestone.

Knitted with love Down Under

Knitted with love Down Under

The Husband is at work, so I have restrained myself from looking any deeper than the adorable top layer, in which you can see two teeny berets (complete with equally teeny pom-poms), mitts and cardies. Swoon!



There are some other colours in there – I spied hints of lemon, and a touch of purple-blue – but I didn’t pull anything out! Promise! We shall do the full unload when T. is home tonight. Can. Not. Wait!Thanks, Mum. What would I do without you. xoxox


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