The gear

A good friend of mine in Australia, who is also laden with a growing bump, asked me the other day what kind of gear we’re looking at needing for the Pretzels. It was curiosity on her part, but bloody good impetus for me to actually delve into the parenting books to make a list. (This wasn’t too big an ask. I love making lists.)

So here is what we’re looking at getting over the coming few months, some new, most likely second-hand.

1 Baby Jogger City Select stroller. After looking around and asking advice, we’ve settled  on the Baby Jogger City Select, as it is multifunctional and has tiered seating. The double-wide strollers are just too annoying on footpaths and block the whole aisle at the Farmer’s market, while many tandem strollers leave one poor kid staring into the back of the other one’s seat. The City Select seems to avoid both of these issues, and can be used with car seats. RRP $570 + tax (but we’re waiting to see if it comes on special in the next month or so).

2 Graco Infant Car Seats. Cheap, light and fit the above stroller. Done. About $180 + tax.

2 bassinets. Looking for small ones with handles, so they can sleep by our bedside and be carried downstairs (or even into the back yard) if need be. Can’t find ’em in the shops, so are crossing our fingers there will be some at the semi-annual sale held by the KW Parents of Multiple Births Association in April.

1 crib. Once they grow out of the bassinets, they can probably share a crib for a while. Will likely get a second-hand one, but if we were to buy new I’d have a hard time going past this Shermag one:

6-10 fitted sheets

8 – 10 blankets: 4-6 wool/afghans, 2 soft flannel, 2 receiving (maybe) – as recommended by a really helpful book we have.

1 change pad. Likely will put it on top of drawers we already own.

• Subscription to a nappy/diaper service. We’ll use disposables at the very start, and will keep some on hand for going out, etc, but we mostly hope to rely on cloth nappies (that will be carted away and washed somewhere else!) Currently tossing up between Storky’s and Bear Bottoms.

• Some kind of bin/bucket to put used nappies in. Pee-yew!

1 Baby monitor. Friends swear by the Motorola video-screen monitor. Not so much for helicopter-parenting, but to have an idea if the kid is freaking out or just exercising their lungs.

1 portable crib/playpen, for downstairs and going out. Trying to avoid garish monstrosities is a challenge.

1 sling/wrap. My friend has already given us a men’s sling, so we’ll likely just get one more for me.

A nursing pillow. The pillows for twins are apparently huge, and hugely helpful.

Bath towels. Things for wee people are so cute!

8-10 terry cloth onesies

8-10 cotton shirts

8-10 sleep gowns/bags

2 hats, because it’ll be summer. 🙂

Something tells me most of the clothing has been packed into a box that my mum sent from Australia the other day… Shall wait to see what arrives before going and buying things.

Also likely:

• Breast pump, bottles, and sterilizer.

Once they’re a few months old:

• Sit up pillows

• Weaning stuff and baby-food-prep equipment

• Bouncer seats, to keep ’em entertained.

After that:

• Baby gates

• Infant-to-toddler car seats that will take them through to kid-dom.

I am totally sure there’s heaps of stuff not on this list that would be super handy and helpful, but according to my research, these are the essentials. Not a small list at all, but if we plug away at it over the coming months, we might just get there. I probably won’t keep a tally of the costs, though. That’s just too scary!

The set-up that one of my friends had prepped for the arrival of her little boy last year.

The set-up that one of my friends had prepped for the arrival of her little boy last year.


12 thoughts on “The gear

  1. Great work on the list, thank you.

    I hosted a do with some new mums this past sunday and they brought around a stash of hand me downs for the new expecting mums present… including a huge stock of receiving blankets. Just thought I’d mention that they all agreed that one uses quite a large stock of these for all sorts of things, so maybe check that quantity out further. I now already have a dozen and am under the impression I will need more!

    The cool thing about these is that you can cut them up into smaller pieces to use as wipes later on… okay sure… although all I know so far is that one uses them to wrap the baby like a burrito… so the other uses (burping, light covering…) are still to be discovered. ?

  2. We had a Baby Jogger – and despite what others thought it was worth every cent 🙂
    With the crib try and go for one on wheels – you can then rock the babies to sleep. My big Boori was too sturdy for that and I had wished many times to have one that I could gently rock the babies to sleep in.
    As for portacot, we had a Baby Bjorn travelcot – easiest one on the market to get open and believe me you only need one bad experience with a bad portacot to make you see that the $400 we paid for ours was well worth it.
    Baby Bjorn also does a great baby rocker/seat. Zoe lived in hers for the first 3 months including sleeping in it next to our bed.
    Britax/SafeNSound have great car seats for baby – toddler.
    You have a great list here, great planning Ten!!!!!!

  3. Mama Pretzella! MORE onsies (on a particularly bad poop not so long 4 month old went through 5 in like, 4 hours.. I’m still amazed.) MORE fitted crib sheets (for that inevitable day that will come when the flu or various other bugs hit your house and you change the sheets a billionty times in 24 hours.) MORE receiving blankets (for you to cry into when one of the little darlings barfs up that liquid gold breastmilk you just worked so hard to lovingly produce/pump for them. Sigh.) I don’t want you to live in the laundry room! There is beauty in tossing them into the was to remove the dna and note having to be there the instant the spin cycke is over. I had oodles of all of them…and I only had little monkey! The bonus is….they’re relatively cheap..oh..and I have bunches of blankies you are welcome to! 🙂

    • Yowzers, thanks for the info! I’ve upped those numbers, and some others thanks to similar “The poop! OMG the poop!” advice from concerned friends. What are we in for???
      (We should have coffee/tea soon. The belly has grown since I saw you!)

  4. We hoarded pacifiers. 🙂 (Some people are not into them, but we always had one of every brand on hand for our newborn foster babies and when we got our “twiblings”)

    • Good to know! We’re not for or against – just going to see what the wee ones prefer. Something tells me I’ll reach a point where it’s “anything for 10 seconds of peace”….

  5. Tenille, I have a wrap and a twin breastfeeding pillow if you’d like to borrow them. Not sure if you are open to borrowing, but I have other baby stuff I’d be willing to lend too.

    • Hey Kristin! That’s so lovely of you. The twins association has pillows for borrowing, so I should be okay on that front to find out if it works for the wee ones. What kind of wrap do you mean? I’m definitely interested in trying one, to see if they like it! Thanks again! 🙂 T.

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