How to make a sprogged-up gal feel special

It isn’t too hard to win over a pregnant lady. No, it doesn’t have to involve food (although that helps) and foot rubs (ditto). Rather, with all of this weird body-morphing and life-changing going on, the most touching moments can be the simplest. Presenting three examples from this week:

First, the mother of my ex-boyfriend sent me flowers. That sounds weird, I know. But after um-ing and ah-ing about the optics of such a move, I finally figured “screw it” and sent an email to the lovely Nancy in England to share our good news. The next morning, an email sat fresh and sparkly in my inbox, full of love and warmth and congratulations to myself and to the man she’s never met, the one who kept me in Canada. Then, a few hours later, a huge bouquet of flowers arrived at the door. Yep, other people might find it a bit strange that we’re still be in touch, but she’s a bit of a free spirit and is totally inspiring. And she makes a mean cup of tea. Such people are worth holding on to.


Second, my beautiful bestie in Australia righted my ship when I drifted into choppy waters this week. I’ll likely write more about it later, but for now I’ll just say that, for women in their 30s, pregnancy is not all rainbows and cheer. It’s also a very solid, very permanent change, and that metamorphosis is hard. As K. pointed out after receiving a puzzled and introspective email from me, the mental challenge of shutting doors and relinquishing a good deal of your cherished freedom is hard. No-one should tell you otherwise. She’s the best.

2007-03-17 25

And third, my wonderful hubby who, last night, simply rubbed moisturizer on my increasingly large belly, slowly, softly, with a look of utter devotion as he felt for wee kicks. The power these two little pretzels already hold over us is humbling and beautiful. It’s no surprise I adore this man. Such little, fleeting moments are what make life worthwhile.



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