Overcoming the fear of complications

So we found out earlier this week that I have a shortened cervix. Since then, I’ve been resting more often and leaving the snow unshovelled, as per the doctor’s orders. But I’ve just realized that I’ve been doing something else as well: mentally tracking the movement of the nubbins to make sure they are, in fact, moving.

It’s highly unlikely that anything is wrong with them. The little champions are both good sizes with excellent heart beats. But in the days since our wait in the triage area, I’ve been noting their tweaks, bumps and movements. And the other day, they were still. Quiet. Sleeping, in all likelihood, and showing very few signs of movement for an entire day.

It scared me. I knew I was being silly, but I started prodding my abdomen, hoping to elicit some kind of reaction. Any kind. But it didn’t work. They just hung about doing their thing, and I had to wait. Throw in a few muscle spasms (standard), and I was on very-mild alert.

But they’re fine. They’ve been wriggling about since. One is currently in my lower-right, the other upper-left. Left is the super-active one, Righty either less inclined to thrash about, or just nestled deeper in. But active they are, and fine we all are, and I just need to trust that this very minor concern is going to remain very minor.

So no snow shovelling. No strenuous activity. And if I can help it, no obsessive worrying over the nubbins. The last thing they need is a silly, flighty mum.

Family portraits on the fridge

Family portraits on the fridge

Follow up to the previous post: For those who are wondering, a shortened cervix seems to be a relatively common thing to face. There are a number of things that can lead to it, among which are the basic variations between human beings and having had a procedure to remove pre-cancerous cells from the cervix, which I required about 9 years ago. So there you go. Not entirely unexplained, and in my case entirely manageable. If I’m going to have a scare, I’ll have one like this, thanks!


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