A real kick in the guts

Ta-daa!! Finally, the Pretzels are making their presence felt and not just seen. We had our first kicks on the weekend!

It was both completely expected and a total surprise. Pregnancy books say to expect to feel your first baby between 18 and 20 weeks (earlier for subsequent progeny). On top of that, I’ve had weeks in which (usually older) women have been asking me if I’ve felt anything yet. When I said no, they would knowingly nod, say “Any day now” and would then start recounting how they could feel everything from, ooh, conception.

But it wasn’t. It wasn’t any day. It was a week, then two, then three of increasingly worrying stillness.

And then the kiddies made their presence known in their own good time.

I can’t quite write about it yet, except to say it’s beautiful, and wonderful, and has finally allowed me to be unabashedly excited about the Pretzels. Given what it took to get here, I haven’t given myself scope to fully relax. And now we can, we three in this one body, because we can feel each other, and bump each other, and know that we’re safe and cosy with each other.



Keeping ’em safe inside my shell. 🙂

PS: A note to well-intentioned mums waxing lyrical about when people should feel things: Avoid specifics. Just say at “it’ll probably be soon” and leave it at that, or else you’ll just leave a legion of fretting mothers-to-be in your wake, bobbing around in a sea of uncertainty and growing concern.

Honestly, people shouldn’t go advising pregnant women about timing of stuff like this. Just because you felt your baby kick at 16 weeks doesn’t mean I’m going to.


5 thoughts on “A real kick in the guts

  1. How lovely!

    With some irony, I am curious, how many weeks are you starting to feel them at? I will do my best not to start counting down too strictly 😉

    • My big sis is correct: I was just shy of 20 weeks when we started to distinctly feel them. Before then, I had minor flutters that felt like muscle twinges. Generally, it’s said that you feel your first some time in the 18-20weeks period. But don’t worry if it’s not that way for you! If we were all the same, life would be pretty darn boring.

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