Whoomp!! (There it is)

Ladies and gentlemen, NOW it has begun. After a few dazzling months of boobtacular curvaceousness, followed by six weeks of looking like I ate all of Santa’s cookies (and by ‘all’ I mean an entire world’s worth), the generally disorganized frump of the late first trimester has suddenly coalesced into one mother of a belly.

At 18 weeks, I now look officially pregnant. And it happened in just a few weeks. Seriously. At New Years, I was playing that oh-so-entertaining “now I’m pregnant, now I’m not” game of sucking in my belly and making it all disappear. Now, that game has turned into the dirge of “where have all my ab muscles gone?”.  I’ve even caught myself starting to waddle. (For shame! That’s a fun bonus I’m trying to save for the third trimester.)

With this belly, I am quickly gaining on pregnant friends a month or so ahead of me, and just between you and me, they don’t stand a chance. There’s only got one direction this belly’s going for the next five months, and my poor stomach muscles are quaking in dread (or maybe that’s just the custard I keep eating….)

Bye bye slippers: The view from above.

Bye bye slippers: The view from above.

The stats:

  • Weight: 145 lb / 65kg (started at 127lb/58kg)
  • Belly: 35″ / 89cm
  • Clothing: Second-hand maternity denim skirt and ASOS maternity leggings now in frequent rotation. Size 7 jeans (up from the usual 6) being clasped together with a belt when the buttons can’t reach. Sigh.

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