Great baby tees (and some for mum too)

There is no use being the size of a blimp, or pushing around tiny squalling dictators in a pram, if you can’t get a laugh out of it. So when my friend, an editor at Today’s Parent, sent me this great pic the other day…


… I had to get searching for more. After all, who doesn’t love a comic tee? Especially when the target of the humour is your good self?

Of course, I must first point out the adorable shirts my sister had sent to us from the Tiny Baby Times – our first gifts for the nubbins! One says “I just got here and I’m already awesome”, while the other says:

Image: Tiny Baby Times

Too cute!!! And they are TINY! If they’re gonna be that small, why am I already having to buy new clothes to fit my expanding self?

Speaking of which: ThinkGeek is one of my fave stuff-spotting sites, even though I never buy anything there. Sorry, ThinkGeek. Maybe this one will finally tip the balance.


(While we’re at ThinkGeek, here’s a pretty cute if technologically twee little number for the wee ones…)


I’m sure there’s heaps out there. Lemme know if you see anything that’s pure gold. I’m probably not going to venture down this path too far – I’m instead digging the idea of suave, swinging shirts, and anything that will help make the most of my sudden bounty in the brassiere department – but it doesn’t hurt to have a chuckle.


One thought on “Great baby tees (and some for mum too)

  1. There is a shirt set I was going to buy for us once ….. it was a shirt for Simon saying “Me” then one for Izaac saying “Mini Me” and one for Zoe saying “Mini Mini Me”. I don’t think Simon would wear it though – not even just for pics đŸ˜¦

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