The hidden benefits of being up the duff*

Forget the fatigue! Cast off the crankiness! Turns out there are a few side bonuses that come with brewing sprogs in one’s inside*. Starting with:

Boobs: I have them! Not that I didn’t have a decent helping before, but I seem to have gone from ‘sporty’ to ‘curvy’ faster than you can lower the ragtop on a Porche (and having pretty much the same effect). I’ve already stored away my “fit and trim” bra supply and replaced it with my “too many nights on the couch eating ice cream” back-ups. If this keeps up, I’ll have to size up again to wrangle the beasts.

• The getting of Zen: Hormone rage? Crazy mood swings? So not happening in our house right now! I am so placid it would be frightening if I could give two hoots. Not sure if it’s pregnancy hormones, or the fact we’re finally done with IVF. Either way, I am a happy, cruisy, placid slice of relaxation right now. Here’s hoping it lasts!

• Becoming a human furnace: I am producing so much extra energy right now they should plug me into the  grid and have me power a small farming community. Honestly, my perpetually cold hands and feet are beacons of warmth, and my husband keeps laughing at the fact he is the one wearing a sweater, slippers and track pants as I traipse about in a t-shirt, wondering whether to take my socks off. This, I can handle.

• Glowing skin: You’ll have to take my husband’s word for this, but he swears my skin is extra soft and supple right now. Given the dastardly amount of sun damage we Aussie kids sustain during our formative years, I will take any win I can!

Sure, there are a few down sides. There’s the intensifying queasiness (it’s week 7, so I’m kind of fearing for next week, with onset typically hits), the headaches, the blocked up digestion (thanks progesterone!), but overall, things are groovier than I anticipated.

Now, if only I could feel equally calm, collected and cruisy about the whole ‘twin’ thing. Here’s hoping the ambivalence fades before the little blighters arrive…

* Do NOT believe any of this if you are under 20. This is gnarly territory for a teen. When I’m talking to you, it’ll all be fatigue, bloating, constipation and irritability, okay?


2 thoughts on “The hidden benefits of being up the duff*

  1. I saw you tagged in a photo on facebook at some clothes swap thing and first thing I noticed was the increased boobage 🙂
    As for the rest, take the good and just keep thinking about the great skin (great hair will come too as you don’t loose hair when pregnant so your hair will get full and healthy) on those days when the irritability and queasiness do sneak in.
    As for the furnace, I purposely got pregnant in mid summer so the majority of my pregnancy would be in winter and all I did was wall around in singlets while others shivered – loved it.

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