First weeks, by the numbers

Six: Weeks pregnant I’ll be this Friday, which is the earliest we can go for our first scan. Woot!

Over 8000: My hCG levels as of today (Monday). These get measured every two or three days to make sure the little pretzel is growing in there. I started at 735 last Monday, then went to 160 on Wednesday, and 3982 on Friday. My doctor is, by all accounts, rather pleased! I am just glad something is going on in there.

Five: pounds I’ve gained so far, due more to the arrival of miserable fall weather and my corresponding lack of exercise than anything to do with the pretzel.

Two: Average number of times I have to pee every night. Honestly, why must this start already? There’ll be enough lack-of-sleep once this thing is out of me. Can’t I catch some shut-eye in the meantime?

None: Photos I’ve taken of my stomach, despite thinking for ages I should start documenting it now so we can do one of those neat time-lapse things. Yeah, yeah, I’m getting to it…..

Twenty: Years age difference between my oldest stepson and our newborn, should the Pretzel Project actually come to fruition. Talk about freaky.

None (again): Times my husband and I have… um… had “relations”? Gotten jiggy? Danced the horizontal fandango? … since this all got going. I just keep imagining an “Occupied” sign dangling over my nethers. Any recommendations on getting past this are most welcome!


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