What is this ‘normal life’ you speak of?

Energy? Enthusiasm? The ability to concentrate on one thing for more than an hour? Bust out the kazoo and wail a jig of joy: I am back to normal!

After a couple of weeks of cramps, fatigue and nervous eating, my body seems to be waving its hand lazily in the air and sighing “Pregnancy? That old thing?”. It has totally taken this in its step and is just cheerily getting on with business. It’s as if my uterus dug out a gorgeous vintage dress, gloves and a jaunty hat to do a spot of grocery shopping. No biggie. That’s just how it rolls.

I’m not quite sure what to make of it. If my IVF clinic wasn’t calling to update me with the strong HCG numbers to indicate the little blob/s is/are growing in there, I’d wonder if they’d just up and wandered off somewhere.

Apparently no. It seems I’m still in the very early stages of ‘pregnant’ and I’m feeling absolutely fab! I am going to take this small victory and live in ignorant bliss pretending that it will continue ad infinitum.


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