And it’s a…..

If you had guessed that Monday’s pregnancy test would come back:
a) Up the duff
b) Sprogged up
c) The oh-so-blunt sounding preferred term of my mother-in-law: “Preg” or
d) Any and all of the above

You are correct! It seems this crazy game of hormone lottery has paid off. I am pregnant.

Cue the massive sigh of relief! Wash that down with a quick shock of reality. I am freaking pregnant. It’s amazing and utterly banal all at once.

I’ve already been gently scolded by my good husband for using evil chemicals to get the sticker-goop off our new drinking glasses (bought at West Elm as we whiled away the hours between test and result yesterday – we also bought this light for our dining room. Noice!)

I’m also already adjusting my year-ahead outlook in terms of work. How much of a workload do I really want? What clients should I start really cultivating? And should I apply for the really good job that was just posted in my city, which would mean giving up self-employment for a chance at mat-leave?

All weighty issues, and honestly, all issues for a later time. It’s only two weeks since the transfer, so super-early. We’ll just see what comes, and try to blend my self-sufficient stubbornness with a minimum of toxic chemical exposure.

PS: I’ll be keeping this under my hat for a while yet. Don’t blow my cover, okay?


One thought on “And it’s a…..

  1. YAY!!!!!! Love the light too!!!! And do you get mat leave in Canada when having worked somewhere for less than 12 months? One more positive Canada has over Aus.

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