How a list of ‘not to dos’ became ‘oops, they’re already done’

Lock me up and throw away the key. It’s rule-breaking time, and I’m busting out in all crazy ways.

When we started this process, I devised fairly tight parameters for myself: Exercise every day, walking and jogging my way to uber-fit mumhood. Wean myself off dark chocolate. Don’t post photos of my uterus online. Fend off the ‘loose-clothing-all-the-time’ look until my physique shows something more than possibly a second-helping of spaghetti. Unless said item is a muumuu, then all bets are off.

So far the tally is: Exercise, chocolate, loose clothing, uterus photo (on my blog): 1. Me: 0.

Thus, I’m having to really concentrate on coming up with some kind of new manifesto. We find out on Monday whether this whole gambit has worked, so in honour of the occasion, I shall be trying to come up with a new Mum-To-Be Pledge.

Ideas welcome! How do we fight the good fight, ladies? Let’s chalk this one in together.


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