It’s not that I’m superstitious….

How to boost your chances when prepping for progeny? I dunno, but I’m hoping that wearing a few lucky charms might help:

• Some nice underwear. Hey, the kid deserves at little bit of romance!

• An aquamarine ring given by my father to my mother when I was born

• A brown-leather watch by Montreal designer Diane Balit – I gave one of her watches to the husband as an engagement present

• Fall colours (although this is largely incidental, because I had to find pants that didn’t press on the injection points on my butt..)

I’m also considering popping on a bangle. My friends in Oz will understand. 🙂

See you after the implantation!


3 thoughts on “It’s not that I’m superstitious….

    • On the drive home from the clinic yesterday, I kept staring out the window looking for falcons. For some reason, I thought if I saw one it would bring us luck. I saw a few overhead, but finally spotted one sitting in a tree, not 10k from home.
      It’s strange, these things we do to boost our hope.

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