That was one heck of a Thanksgiving harvest

The results are in: Our harvest brought in nine eggs and some swimmers. Five eggs were mature, so were introduced to the gentlemen. Two hit it off, and have matured into embryos.

We will find out tomorrow if the transfer will be on Monday – which also happens to be Canadian Thanksgiving – or Wednesday. If it’s the latter, that means the little blobs aren’t as strong as hoped. Which means we might be better off putting both in there. Which means we might get twins. Or one. Or nothing at all.

The thought of putting four kids through college is terrifying (the stepsons are heading that way now), let alone the work and stress of just having two little people in the house at the same time. But if putting just one in means our chances are really low…. and we’re left with just the one spare, who’d be frozen and therefore less likely to take… well, that puts this whole process into a new light.

Whaddya think? You have until Monday morning our time to leave a message.

UPDATE: We got the word today that our transfer will be on Thanksgiving Monday. That’s when we’ll have to decide on one or two.

It’s tense here as we plumb the implications of twins, a singleton, or nothing at all, all of which are real possibilities. The husband asked for assurance that I won’t resent him if it doesn’t work. All I could tell him was that I’d try not to. It chagrins me to admit that, on that question, I can’t promise anything.


One thought on “That was one heck of a Thanksgiving harvest

  1. I say go for broke and put both in – whether it produces one or 4 you’ll be happy………… I PROMISE!!!!!!! It’s just more little souls to love xxx

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