Poked and prodded and soon to be sprogged

A quick update on process and timing, and a polite warning to others.

First, in a rather seasonal happenstance, we’re getting ready for harvest this Friday. That means I’m ditching some drugs, adding others, and generally am about to seriously resemble a pin cushion as I move my daily injections to my butt and add a number of tablets into the mix.¬†Implantation will be Monday or Wednesday, and it’ll take two weeks after that to see if it works.

The question now, as if we’re sat in a greasy diner contemplating our breakfast options: One egg, or two?

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

And the polite warning? This process in intense. And long. And crazy. I hit a car today as I was driving because I was so spaced out. (Damage only to my vehicle, it’s okay). I know people tell you that, but take all of your expectations, bundle them up with some unpleasant surprises, and multiply by five. That gets you in the ballpark.

How I feel right about now


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