Nothing makes a somewhat exhausting effort seem more fun than giving it a codename. Aliases used thus far for either the process or the product:

• “Operation Cranberry“, dreamed up by me and my bestie in Australia who had termed her efforts to get sprogged up Operation Blueberry, as it’s meant to be a superfood for those conceiving. (No IVF there – just good livin’, good lovin’, and lots of blueberries.)

• “Getting baking

• “Stealth Mode“. This is super handy, actually. We live in a tech-industry town, and when a startup is in its exploratory phase and doesn’t want to tip off possible competitors to its amazing idea, the entrepreneurs just tell people they’re in “stealth mode” and can’t discuss it. So if you need to go home to get busy, or shoot up some crazy hormone cocktail, you can excuse yourself by saying you need to go work on a project. If they ask what, pause then give a slight shrug and apologetic smile, and tell them that you can’t really discuss it yet as it’s in stealth mode. You get to appear both mysterious and uber-productive at the same time.

The Bean, for no good reason.

The Pickle, possibly a follow-on from the bean?

The Pretzel, or the Pretzel Project. I’ve no idea where this actually came from – it’s likely combining the whole ‘bun in the oven’ idea with the complexity of the process. Either that, or living in this German-settled town is getting to us.

Are we the only ones doing this? Did you guys have a codename so you could *kinda* discuss it while others were around?


One thought on “Codenames

  1. We called the c-bird ‘prawn’ for the first few months of his life because that’s kind of what he looked like. I suspect ‘bean’ might come from the same place as a code name.

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