The Lupron lag

My brain is cotton wool. I’m meant to be working on a big writing project, but I am sitting here eating cookies, reading the trash links on news websites and wondering if I’ll even make it to 1pm, which is the traditional time I’ve been passing out on the couch this past week.

Welcome to life on Lupron.

IVF requires you first suppress the female reproductive system using birth control and hormones to reduce the amount of estrogen, and then send the system into overdrive in order to reap a larger-than-usual harvest of eggs. I am currently in the first stage, and I am on Lupron.

Lupron is a drug for the palliative treatment of prostate cancer.

I have neither a prostate nor cancer, so it was somewhat alarming to read the intended uses and possible side effects in the little medication leaflet that came tucked in the box along with a small bottle of Lupron liquid and about a dozen needles.

Me tired.

Thankfully, I’ve experienced no decrease in testicular size, impotence or severe bone pain, nor any of the other side-effects the leaflet warns of: swelling, chest pain, vision issues, headache, hot flashes, itching and nausea. Online blogs also warn of severe crankiness and mood swings. Basically, it gives you a taste of menopause, and it doesn’t sound much fun.

I seem to be getting off lightly. My brain’s a bit fuzzy and my body basically stops functioning in the early afternoon, but that’s okay. I work from home. If I’m sitting at the computer with my head resting in my hand, and then find my elbow sliding sideways across the desk as I descend into brief periods of torpor, no-one else need know.

Typically for me, I refused to admit that all of the drugs raging through my system might actually be effecting me. For the first week, I blamed it all on allergies. Or a bad night’s sleep. Or the rain outside. It took my good husband to point out that, just maybe, this hormone cocktail could be a little bit rough on the system.

And here I sit, avoiding productive work, eyes burning from exhaustion, propping my energy up with sugar hits that will drag me down like a lead balloon in T-minus-60 minutes.

The upshot? I’m getting two days inside every one. My mornings are usually productive (today is one of the exceptions), then I pass out for an hour or two, and then I wake up feeling like a million bucks (well, maybe a hundred) (twenty-five?) (okay, a dollar fifty!) and charge on into the evening.

That’ll all change shortly, though. We head to Toronto tomorrow for my next check-in, and I think the regime is going to be upended. Here’s hoping my sleepy fuzziness is as bad as it gets!

Addendum @6:22pm: Seems I blogged too soon. I teared up for no reason while doing the Sudoku this afternoon. Really, it’s not that hard a puzzle. Methinks the hormones are toying with me…


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