The running tally

In case anyone else is considering heading down this path, here’s a heads-up of what’s been involved to this point:

January 2011: Husband goes for snip-reversal. Gentlemen note: it’s waaaaay more invasive and painful than the original process. Told we have a 50/50 chance of it working. Afterwards, told by other doctors that the odds were more like 10%.
Cost: $5000

September 2011: Husband goes for second round of tests to see if snip-reversal worked. Total failure. Search for local fertility clinic. Only one clinic to service half a million people. Opt for Toronto specialists instead.

January 2012: Visit fancy-schmants IVF clinic in downtown Toronto. Feels like a high end day spa, if it were run by Stoics. Nothing here is fun or relaxing. Staff tend to ignore Husband, who is the actual patient here. Dubious.
Cost: A few hundred for medical tests etc.

March 2012: Tests for me are great. Odds of pregnancy are high, if we can get the boys in there. Go through treatment schedule and price list. Anticipated total: $17,000. Ouch. Due to such good odds of pregnancy, doctor offers to put us in touch with a less expensive clinic.

May 2012: Accept offer for cheaper referral. Directed to CreateIVF in downtown Toronto. Office is more like an urban dentist than a Yorkville spa, which suits us fine. Staff busy but nice. Lots of family photos on the wall. Doctor is a lovely young woman who is also a loud talker. Feel like I’m in a Seinfeld episode.

June 2012: Reviewed pricing schedule estimates cost of process: $12,000 plus incidental costs. Slightly lesser ouch.

August 2012: 6:30am tablets to correct thyroid levels. 10:30am ultra-strength vitamin. Post-dinner ultra-strength vitamin. Vitamin K and fish oil capsules when I remember. Repeat daily.

September 2012: Add birth control and injections of Lupron into the daily mix. Oh, and naps. Lupron makes me tired.
Cost: $4000 drug deposit at clinic.


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